How to get clarity  - The Clarity Success Formula™

The success pie


1.   WHO + WHAT + WHY + HOW = SUCCESS = 100%

2.   WHO + WHAT + WHY = CLARITY = 75%

3.    CLARITY + HOW = SUCCESS = 100%













Think about success as a 4-piece pie. Each piece of the pie makes up 25%. Getting clarity makes up 75%, while the how makes up only 25%. This is the core principle behind The Clarity Success Formula which helped me get clarity to reinvent myself and launch a career as a clarity coach, corporate trainer, consultant, and motivational speaker after almost 20 years as a nuclear medicine imaging specialist and consultant. When you have clarity, you already have 75% of what you need to succeed. If you skip clarity and jump to the HOW, you’re chasing after 25%! What are the odds of succeeding with 75% gone? Want to get clarity to succeed in anything you do? Know WHO you are NOW, WHAT you want, and WHY you want it. Read my story to learn more about how my quest to find my next chapter led to creating The Clarity Success Formulaand turning my midlife "crisis" into my midlife clarity.

Clarity For Personal and Career Decisions 

Having gone through a career transition myself, I can relate to the confusion and overwhelming feeling that comes with making new career choices, especially in mid to late-career years. Clarity is an essential component of a successful life and career transition. Sometimes people find themselves in careers recommended by their parents, peers, or authority figures in their lives. Other times, life-altering events force people to rethink their lifestyle and ultimately decide they need a change. The pandemic has forced many people to change in many ways. For many, this has been a time of reflection and reevaluation of what really matters to them, and how they want to live their lives going forward. It is not always about money. Sometimes it's more about finding joy and fulfillment in whatever we choose to do.

Clarity To Recognize And Embrace A New Season  


Another reason people want change is when it's a new season in their life - that dreaded "midlife crisis", a new relationship, marriage, or childbirth. When the former season has run its course, things begin to change in our "world". While some experience mild changes in habits, interests, and emotional disposition, others experience a drastic shift from "who they used to be". Resisting change and trying to "be yourself again" can be frustrating and could be mischaracterized if not handled appropriately. Recognizing it for what it is, empowers you to cease the "opportunity" to reinvent yourself and create the next chapter meant just for you. What's most important is that you discover your NEW path, and follow it. 

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